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Travel Hints And Tips

Top of Haleakala Volcano - Maui, Hawaii
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Welcome to Travel Hints And Tips

This site has real travel hints and tips from experienced international and domestic travelers. The hints and tips are useable and not just fluff. I personally have years of experience traveling worldwide in the military, on business and on vacation. In the beginning of my travels, I made a lot of errors. Luckily, I learned from these errors. Over time I shared bits and pieces of what I learned with my family, friends and coworkers who were about to take a trip. Some of my coworkers also gave me some advice before some of my trips. After seeing how beneficial this information was to everyone, I came up with the idea for this website. So, after years of learning and taking notes, I decided 2014 was the year to start this website. Many people in my circle were able to learn from my experiences and now you can too. I'm confident this website will have information that novice as well as seasoned travelers will find valuable.

Included in this website you will find information about airplane travel, international travel, information about specific locations and countries as well as general travel hints and tips. It will also give you the opportunity to add to this site so I as well as others can learn from you.

All of the pictures contained in this website (including the ones in he page header) were taken by me, my wife, one of our family members or one of our friends. I don't expect this to happen, but if a picture wasn't taken by someone in the group mentioned, I'll say so. If it's not obvious where a picture was taken and you want to know, just ask me and I'll let you know.

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Where my journey begins

I started out with no travel experience and was thrown into the deep end [?] "Thrown into the deep end" means to make someone do something without preparing them for it or giving them any help. when I turned 18. Growing up my family didn't travel much and we never took a plane trip. When I went into the service at 18, it meant my first plane trip was alone. I took one flight to basic training and another flight from tech school to my parents home for leave. My next plane trip was an overseas trip to Japan and this is where I learned two of the biggest things on my list. I learned it's important to have an organized carryon bag and not to over pack the carryon bag. After I got out of the military I traveled to more than a dozen countries and it seems like I learned something new on each trip. Since that first trip to Japan, I put a lot of thought into the carryon bag and I will discuss it in the next post.

I hope you enjoy and I invite you to contribute so we can all learn and have a more pleasant trip.